4 great social bookmarking plugins for WordPress

There is one way in which you can increase visitor traffic to your wordpress blogs with ease. Yes, you must know! How to use social bookmarks plugins that is could easily be a bridge between your website with social network account. You do not have to bother to copy-paste to link your site to attract visitors to stop by your blog. An easy way that is profitable. There are 4 great social bookmarking plugins for wordpress that will be discussed here, is he the hero is:

1. AddThis. This is a favorite plugins to share on social networks that exist. You can share content from your blog to 295 + existing service sharing! It is not very satisfactory? Very easily the reader can share that content to facebook or twitter. Do not worry about the layout that does not fit, because you can choose to share key layout that suits your taste.

You can get the advantages of using these plugins. AddThis By creating an account for free and can easily examine or look at how much content in your blog and share with others. You can also find out which pages are most popular and how many clicks from all the existing content in your blog. In essence, you will know in detail the many activities of your blog readers to share that do and can easily share the many sharing service.

2. Share This, after AddThis, Share This is a WordPress plugin that is often used. although there are some drawbacks such as longer time to setup dashboard analysis, the form of buttons or information that is not laid out straight ahead like AddThis, and the ability to share 50 + well below AddThis capable of up to 295 + (but it was not too important, because it looks like 50 + it has been very much).

3. Sociable, plugins that provide additional facilities a social bookmarking button on your site. You can add about 99 different social bookmarking sites in content on your site. Unfortunately, these plugins do not like AddThis or Share This plugin because it does not have an analysis to find out how many people share content from your site.

4. ddToAny is the last WordPress plugins and compared well with other plugins like it. A very special about this plugin is a smart menu that can be used to share every visitor. This smart menu allows visitors to share their favorite services in private and with social bookmarking. Unfortunately, share the view of social bookmarking is not fancy like ShareThis or AddThis. Other than that this plugin is able to share up to 100 different services, well above the Share This, but still below AddThis.

So, choose a social bookmarking wordpress plugin that suits your needs and your style.

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