Useful Computer Monitoring Applications other than Antivirus

There are many applications to be installed to your computer. First example application is must be anti-virus. Antivirus is useful to protected your computer from Trojan, worm, and Commwarrior virus. This virus can make your computer error and the worst effect of this dangerous because can make the computer cannot to be used again. Therefore, you must install the antivirus for your computer. Of course, antivirus is not the only thing that is important for your computer. In this article we will give you a brief insight regarding several application that may be beneficial for your computer, therefore without further ado here are the list.

Several worthy applications that are as important as Antivirus

The second example of your computer is Microsoft Company Application. This application is useful for company need and you can manage your entire documents through this application. There are many sub application for this application such as Microsoft Excel, Company, Access, and PowerPoint. Microsoft Word is to control and write new document with .DOC format. In this application, you can insert image and edit the document easily. Microsoft Excel is also useful to make an information table and calculate document. With this application you can do almost any difficult calculation because this application is available with formulas that be modified where it will automatically display the result.

The third useful application for your computer is Multimedia features. There are many example of this application such as video player, Mp3 player and picture editor. This application has the same function which is to play some video and audio in the PC. But, not all the format can be played to this media player. The media player has own function and format available. But, if you want to have simple media player, there are several media player that can give you excellent features and are versatile enough to play different kinds of files without any trouble.

The Fourth application for your computer is game. There are many games available in any web page of Windows Web Pages. This application is for you who want to spend your time when you feel bored. There are many unique and highly developed games that can even makes you forgot of your time. Of course this can be a useful feature so you won’t get bored easily. However, of course you need to know when to stop playing and return to the real world.

The last application for your computer is spy application which can be used as a medium to filter the usage of your internet usage. One of the examples of this spy application is Sniperspy. This application is useful for monitor your computer from unknown activities and users who want to access your computer. This application also can set the limit of the internet usage. Therefore, if you have children that are addicted to the internet, you can install this application to know the log list of your computer when you are can give you better filter and monitoring feature for the whole family.

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